NSEC Workshop Presenter Andrew Smiler

NSEC Workshop Title: Dating and Sex: Working with 21st Century Teen Boys NSEC Workshop Description: This workshop examines American notions of masculinity, boys’ typical enactments of, and the adverse consequences on their sexual development. We will focus on relationship dynamics, consent, and protection. Participants will learn approaches that help reduce masculine resistance, create better connections with boys,… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

  We’ve got the newsiest news around! Tinder isn’t the dating apocalypse… It’s easy to find, far and wide, discussions about how Tinder is an indication of how far down the tube we’ve fallen towards depraved, shallow approximations of the beautiful and serene dating scenes from days of yore. This is, of course, a bunch of… Read more »

Are you ready for a fanTAStic National Sex Ed Conference??

I know I am! And I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be! I am so delighted to announce that the schedule for the 2015 National Sex Ed Conference is ready for you to dive into. You’ll be knee-deep in workshops that are engaging, interactive, informative, and fun. Choosing between them will be hard – but… Read more »

NSEC Workshop Presenter Daniel Rice

NSEC Workshop Title: Relationships 2015: Teaching About Healthy Relationships in a Technology-driven World, with Daniel Rice NSEC Workshop Description: The introduction of texting, sexting, Snapchat and other applications all have a profound effect on how we talk about communication skills, trust, respect and physical and emotional safety in relationships. This session will introduce some techniques that… Read more »

The perfect sex ed video

It’s not often that I swoon over sex ed videos. In fact, I usually try to avoid them like the plague. Sex ed videos are typically rife with misleading, stereotyped, incorrect platitudes designed to calm adult fears while leaving teenagers under-informed and questioning their rights about their own bodies. But nevertheless, I watch them, because one… Read more »

Interview with Dr. Beverly Whipple, NSEC workshop presenter

National Sex Ed Conference Workshop Title: Sexuality Educators and Research; Finding, Using, and Conducting Research – Tips from the Life Work of a Sexual Health Educator and Researcher Who should come to your workshop, and why? BW: This is a workshop for anyone who wants to learn more about how to find and use existing… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

Sex Eddie in the news! The Most Unique Place to Teach Sex Ed Outside of the Classroom Incorporating healthy sexuality messages in a variety of places is an important part of incorporating prevention methods into people’s daily lives. This hotel room, however, takes that theory right up to the edge by putting information about STIs… Read more »

NSEC Workshop Presenter Kenny Shults

To whet the appetites of those planning to attend this year’s National Sex Ed Conference, and to provide incentive to do so for those on the fence, we’ll be posting some short interviews with this year’s conference workshop presenters. They’ve got some exciting things in store for us, and conducting these interviews has us eager… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

Some days the news is up, some days the news is down. Seniors’ sexual activity tied to well-being Elder sexuality is rarely the student of research, news, or even education. However, a recent (and small) study from Scotland suggests that it should be highlighted by all three. Quality of life is a primary focus when… Read more »

Trauma Informed Care Training

There are times when I wish I could go to every training I hear about. It’s unlikely and impractical, of course, but I can wish anyway! A training coming up at the end of October in Chicago is what’s currently standing out. It will be led byElizabeth Talmont and Jo Schladale. Jo recently wrote a blog… Read more »

A new book for parents: Breaking the Hush Factor

The experience of publishing a book is brand spanking new for me. The experience of speaking to parents is not. I have found that what parents need most from me are these things: Information about sex that I wish they had learned when they were teenagers (birth control, STI prevention, relationship models, etc.), Information about sex… Read more »

National Sex Ed Conference Workshops

Friends, I am so excited. I’ve spent the last week or so reading and re-reading the workshop proposals for the 2015 National Sex Ed Conference – and they are across the board fantastic! A few things I want to speak to about my work on the conference planning team this week: The workshops are going… Read more »

German Sex Ed

From Norway through Denmark and finally now to Germany! I come to Germany every summer because my mother lives here. I have a pretty good idea about the public campaigns around sexual health that are available for public viewing. In fact, I’ve loved talking about them with my kids as we’re wandering around the country, both… Read more »

Danish Sex Ed

Today I am driving through Denmark – all the way from the tippy-toppiest northern city down to Germany. I hope you’ll come along on the ride with me as I ponder sexuality education here – which is very different from in the US! They’re actually undergoing a massive shift in Denmark, from a contraceptives-based-sex-education to… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

  It’s the newsiest news around! Planned Parenthood smear campaign lies It’s hard to be a professional sex educator and hear about lies being propagated about Planned Parenthood. The most current campaign is no different. If you haven’t already watched Cecile Richards respond to the campaign, you should. You can read her transcript at the same link…. Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

  Curious about what’s happening in sex ed? We’ve got it here! New Zealand to teach about pleasure?! Pleasure is high on the list of topics of what makes sex ed relevant for students of all ages. Without an acknowledgment of why most people have sex most of the time, the rest of the information can… Read more »

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10 strategies to remember when the work piles up

I was talking with a colleague yesterday who was pretty overwhelmed with work. There was more training to write than she could possibly write before the training happened. This happens to all of us at one time or another, and as I have a few deadlines I’m working on myself, I thought it might be… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

  All the news that’s fit to print. Apps are where it’s at! There are new sex ed, sexual health, etc., apps popping up all the time. They can be hard to keep track of, so here’s an intro into the best that are currently out and soon to be released: It Matters, An Awesome Sex… Read more »

In what ways is a period NOT like a flower?

We’re back to 500 Lessons in 500 Days again! This week I’m focusing on lesson plans from Changes, Changes, Changes, the CSE’s manual on puberty education. In classrooms with post-pubescent students, condom usage is a common topic of conversation. Pre-pubescent (or newly-pubescent) students need similar kinds of information and hands-on experience with body care products…. Read more »