Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News


It’s the newsiest news around!

Planned Parenthood smear campaign lies

It’s hard to be a professional sex educator and hear about lies being propagated about Planned Parenthood. The most current campaign is no different. If you haven’t already watched Cecile Richards respond to the campaign, you should. You can read her transcript at the same link.

The battles around sex ed in schools

There are on-going battles around including a higher quality sex ed in schools in Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Missouri. That there are disagreements about what should be included in sexuality education is hardly news, but staying abreast of where those arguments are happening is critical. Particularly for sexuality educators who are local, be sure to speak to your local officials about what is important for young people to learn about their bodies and their relationships.

MTV’s Real Sex

I’ve heard from too many people that MTV’s Real Sex was where they learned everything they needed to know about sex (or, at least, everything they knew about sex, which is too often all people think they need to know) to pass up passing on this little piece of history about the television show. It’s well worth being aware of, especially if you work with a population who came of age in 90’s.