Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News

Some days the news is up, some days the news is down.

Seniors’ sexual activity tied to well-being

Elder sexuality is rarely the student of research, news, or even education. However, a recent (and small) study from Scotland suggests that it should be highlighted by all three. Quality of life is a primary focus when considering how we can best support older adults, and understanding sexuality as contributing to a positive quality of life and general well-being, this study suggests, is a critical factor in the larger picture. The neglect that this topic has had and continues to experience is clear in a recent Medicare decision to no longer offer support for erectile dysfunction.

Consent is a critical topic in sexuality education

As sexuality educators we know this, of course, but in many people’s minds sexuality education covers prevention only (whether in the form of contraception, condoms, and/or abstinence). It is exciting to see the topic getting increasing coverage in the general press, including a conversation with theĀ American Federation of Teachers president, Randi Weingarten.

LGBTQ Inclusive Sex Ed

What might sexuality education that is fully inclusive of all of the LGBTQ letters look like? This article outlines opinions on what, why, and how from sexuality experts around the country.