Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News


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Tinder isn’t the dating apocalypse…

It’s easy to find, far and wide, discussions about how TinderĀ is an indication of how far down the tube we’ve fallen towards depraved, shallow approximations of the beautiful and serene dating scenes from days of yore. This is, of course, a bunch of hookey. This opinion piece from the Winnipeg Free Press outlines the issues.

Maybe data isn’t news…but it’s certainly fascinating

I love, love, love data. And data about sexual functioning, sexual activities, and more are particularly engaging when it’s well backed-up and well-written. FiveThirtyEight recently published a piece about the gender orgasm gap – and it’s well worth your read!

The Duggar Discussion Continues

When Josh Duggar’s history sexually assaulting girls surfaced, the Duggars took a hit, both emotionally and financially. Now that his Ashley Madison account has been released, it’s apparently even worse. Because for some reason the general cultural perspective is that consensual sexual contact with adults is even worse than coercive sex with children.