The perfect sex ed video

It’s not often that I swoon over sex ed videos. In fact, I usually try to avoid them like the plague. Sex ed videos are typically rife with misleading, stereotyped, incorrect platitudes designed to calm adult fears while leaving teenagers under-informed and questioning their rights about their own bodies.

But nevertheless, I watch them, because one must stay up-to-date on this sort of thing.

Similarly, media coverage of sex education debates (which I read thoroughly all of the time as I build the Sex Ed in the Media segment that comes out every Tuesday on this blog) rarely dig deeply into the subject of what qualifies as quality sexuality education. There are flitty little stories about this or that approach, typically the failures, as a way to rile up the readers and gain eye-balls in a headline-driven social media cycle.

But nevertheless, I read and watch them, because one must stay up-to-date on this sort of thing.

And then, all knight-and-shining-armor-like, comes John Oliver.

The full twenty minutes are 100% worth watching. But the end…oh everything that is good and beautiful and holy…the end is a must-see, starting at around 17:45.