Sex Educator of the Week: Jessica Valladolid

What project in sex ed are you currently working on?

I am a sex educator for Masakhane Center in Newark, NJ. I have worked with Covenant House, the local young adults homeless shelter, Renaissance House, an expectant mothers drug rehabilitation center, and several high schools as well as youth groups in the summer time. Masakhane takes pride in creating interactive and innovative ways to teach sexual education from a sex-positive prospective. I filmed and published ‘coming out stories’ on YouTube which captured the stories of youth coming out as LGBTQ in Newark and their real experiences. I feel fortunate to contribute to my community and work with such diverse groups.


Jessica is 23 years old and has lived in Newark her entire life. She is perusing her degree in Social Science with a focus on Gender Inequality. Jessica enjoys learning about philosophy and sustainable and humane methods of cultivation and farming.

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