Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News

Why does the teen birth rate keep dropping?

Short answer: Because sex ed. The Newsweek article notes that ultimately it’s because teenagers are having sex less, and posit a few additional reasons why, including the recession and Sixteen and Pregnant.

Where students get sex ed when it isn’t done at school

Churches, LGBT centers, online…we do it anywhere we can! The Las Vegas Sun recently covered the classes offered by a local LGBT center in a really positive light.

Jeb Bush held $1 million ‘hostage’ for abstinence-only education

The brunt of the story is this: Jeb insisted that $1 million out of a $5.6 million family planning budget line (typically used for things like pap smears, birth control, etc.) be used for “chastity counseling.” The story just goes down hill from there.

 Religious couples need sex ed too

 A sex toy store (and therefore de facto sex education center!) that caters to Orthodox Jewish couples recently opened! I love the unique and engaging places where sex ed pops up to support couples as they deepen their emotional and sexual relationships!