Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News

 Rick Santorum for President?

An op-ed piece in Out Magazine outlines why Rick Santorum running for president could be good for LGBTQ communities. The short answer: Because it will cause in-fighting among the republicans, with anyone who is actually electable being weeded out during the primaries.

Education Program Used By Duggars Has ‘Horrific’ Sex Abuse Teachings, Ex-Student Says

The Duggars have loomed large in the news recently, with increasing focus on the religious perspectives and the sex education that may or may not have contributed to the sex abuse scandal and subsequent cover-up. The Huffington Post recently spoke with John Cornish, one of the team members who runs the organization (Recovering Grace) that broke the news about the Duggars’ sexuality abuse education protocols. An ex-student of the same protocols Cornish offered insight and analysis to the situation.

Sex Ed History

Keeping up on our collective human sex ed through history is an important part of the collective sex ed profession. Last week, Gizmodo published a discussion of an old tome of marital information called Aristotle’s Complete Masterpiece, first published in 1684, and clearly not by Aristotle. The article includes several links to soft copies of the original!

 Surgeon Generals in Favor of Sex Ed

The checkered history of sex education in the United States might be somewhat less checkered if we communally listened to what the mot prominent medical authorities in our country have been saying for more than twenty years. Three former US Surgeon Generals remind us of their powerful, historical support for sexuality education in a recent Washington Post Op-Ed: Renew the U.S. Commitment to Sex Education.