Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News


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Apps are where it’s at!

There are new sex ed, sexual health, etc., apps popping up all the time. They can be hard to keep track of, so here’s an intro into the best that are currently out and soon to be released: It Matters, An Awesome Sex Ed App, Is Launching In The Fall, Plus 5 Other Apps Changing How We Access Sexual Health and Education Resources.

Sending the Wrong Message

Recent lapses in sex ed judgement in Australia have been highlighted in the press recently, which is disappointing given that much of Australia’s sex ed is well regarded. Nevertheless, the notions that too much sex makes it harder to bond (like tape that has been stuck and removed many times) and that too much hugging makes girls want to have sex were recently, and to much international horror, presented at one private school.

PrEP Offers Protection, But Is Underutilized

From doctors to patients, many people are undereducated about what PrEP can do, how to take it, and what it means about condom usage, and so they aren’t taking it. And by that, I mean that most people on PrEP do not decrease their condom usage and some actually increase it. Understanding the medical side of STIs is important for sex educators to offer concrete support for students, including both HIV positive and HIV negative students.