Sex Ed in the News

Schools in India Will Incorporate Transgender Issues into Sex Ed In New Delhi, the Department of Education has announced that it will incorporate transgender issues into mandatory sex and relationship education classes. These changes will go into effect for all primary and secondary schools beginning in September 2019. Schools in St. Louis Officially Moving Past… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

In Juneau, Alaska, Schools Fall in Line with New Sex Ed Bill Earlier this month, Mother Jones magazine published a piece on how difficult it is to ensure compliance with the Healthy Youth Act in California. In other states, school districts are slowly falling in line with their own new laws. Among them, the Juneau, Alaska, school board… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

Catholic School Doesn’t Allow Opt-Out Option for Sex Ed A private Catholic school in Nashville, Tennessee is refusing to allow parents to opt out of sending their children to sex ed. The Catholic Diocese of Nashville is supporting this stance despite an outcry from parents. State of California Faces Struggle in Ensuring Compliance with New… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

Sexuality Education Policies Continue To Fluctuate Across the U.S. New Sex Ed Bill on the Table in Ohio Ohio has a new bill pending—Senate Bill 101—that would ensure that contraceptive methods be taught in school. If this bill were passed, mandatory HIV/AIDS prevention education would also be accurately provided. The bill also includes an optional comprehensive sexual health education… Read more »

Do We Need To Strengthen Continuing Education for Medical Professionals?

Just this past December, the D.C. Council Committee on Health and Human Services voted unanimously to approve the LGBTQ Cultural Competency Continuing Education Amendment Act of 2015 (B21-168). This new bill, if passed, would require health care professionals to receive continuing education on how best to treat LGBTQ populations. More specifically, this bill would require medical… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

Students Beg for More and Better Sex Ed… and Some of Them Get It! Students Want More from Their Sex Ed Deakin University and the University of South Australia conducted a survey showing that school-based education programs are students’ primary source of information about sexuality and relationships. But at the same time, students find this… Read more »

UNESCO Releases a Global Review on Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Last week, we blogged about the evolution—and bifurcated state of—sexuality education in the United States, especially in light of President Barack Obama’s proposed budget cuts to abstinence-only education programs. In the coming months, it will be interesting to see how his proposal shapes sex education curricula going forward. But what about sex ed around the… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

New Means of Disseminating Sexuality Information, Plus Other News…  Obama Cuts Abstinence-Only Sex Ed; School Districts Push Back In his proposed budget for 2017, President Barack Obama eliminated a $10 million-a-year grant from the Department of Health and Human Services that funds abstinence-only education programs. Meanwhile, there are some states that are voting to keep abstinence-based education in… Read more »

NSEC Workshop Presenters Shira Cahn-Lipman and Jennifer A. Hart

NSEC Workshop Title: Facilitating Role-Play in the Sex Ed Classroom NSEC Workshop Description: This workshop will present participants with useful role-play techniques and strategies. Following an expert’s modeling, participants will have a chance to try out the techniques in a safe and judgment-free space. Attendees will leave this workshop empowered to apply these skills in their… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

  All the news that is worth being sex ed news… Think sex is good for you? You’re right! The Telegraph recently published a list of ways that having sex is good for you, including: good for your heart, reducing stress, reducing pain, and more. Sex educators help people have a healthier, happier life! California… Read more »

NSEC Workshop Presenter Andrew Smiler

NSEC Workshop Title: Dating and Sex: Working with 21st Century Teen Boys NSEC Workshop Description: This workshop examines American notions of masculinity, boys’ typical enactments of, and the adverse consequences on their sexual development. We will focus on relationship dynamics, consent, and protection. Participants will learn approaches that help reduce masculine resistance, create better connections with boys,… Read more »

What’s a digital voice sound like?

After yesterday’s lesson about technology as a form of sexual and romantic communication from Teaching Safer Sex, I thought I would pull lessons for the rest of this week from Sex Ed in the Digital Age. This brand new, two volume manual by Carolyn Cooperman (edited by Susan Milstein) delves into technology and sexuality in… Read more »

Talking sexting

Last week we dove into the communication section of Teaching Safer Sex – but I missed the last lesson plan in this section, so I’m going to catch up on it now! This lesson plan happens to be about one of my favorite subject matters: sex and technology. Because so much romantic and sexual communication… Read more »

A guide

Every now and then, the media gets it right, and that’s a pretty great time to celebrate what can happen, what kind of information, can get out to people in need of that information. Last week, that exact thing happened! Bill Taverner, our Executive Director over here at the Center for Sex Education, was interviewed… Read more »

Oh condom, my condom!

Coming off of yesterday’s post encouraging participants to talk about safer sex in general, today’s lesson plan from Teaching Safer Sex is about condoms and considering the reasons people don’t talk about them, the cultural stigma around them, and how to bring them up and talk about them anyway.   CONDOM TALK Practice Makes Perfect… Read more »

Using the words that trip the conversation

Continuing this week’s focus on the communication lessons from Teaching Safer Sex (volume 1, section 4), today’s lesson has one of those classic and timeless titles. It gets to the point, it reminds you what you’re there fore, and it is a lovely little play on our culture’s hang-ups with language. And that’s what it’s… Read more »

Talk talk talk talk

This week it’s all about Teaching Safer Sex! Did you know that TSS was the recipient of the AASECT Book Award? Yep. It’s pretty great! All of the Teaching Safer Sex lessons were recently uploaded to the Sex Ed Network, so if you become a Network member you’ll have immediate access to this and hundreds… Read more »

The $1,000,000 question

“Am I normal?” “Is it normal to…?” “How often do normal people…?” Regardless of the age of people in my classrooms, they all want to know what’s normal, what’s not normal, and how they and their friends fit into that spectrum. I have a hard time answering their questions, because normal has so many definitions…. Read more »