Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News

Students Beg for More and Better Sex Ed… and Some of Them Get It!

Students Want More from Their Sex Ed

Deakin University and the University of South Australia conducted a survey showing that school-based education programs are students’ primary source of information about sexuality and relationships. But at the same time, students find this information to source to be lacking. This survey of 2,325 students between the ages of 13 and 16 showed that students want more information about violence in relationships, gender issues, sexual diversity, and more.

Jamaica Plain Residents Support the Healthy Youth Act

Last week, residents of Jamaica Plain (a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts) gathered in support of the Healthy Youth Act, a bill that would expand access to comprehensive sex education in Massachusetts by ensuring that if a public school elects to teach sexuality education, it will select a curriculum that is medically accurate, age appropriate, and truly comprehensive.

Students Will Earn College Credits If They Attend This Queer Sex Ed Workshop

The University of Michigan is playing host to 14 events as part of LGBTQ+ Health & Wellness Week. And in fact, students who attend a “Queer Sex Ed Workshop” can earn credits toward graduation. “In an hour and a half we will attempt to provide a space for instruction and discussion on a sexual education that was not given to use in school,” says the event description. “Topics covered will include general anatomy and STI information, non-normative forms of contraception, safe sex toys, healthy hook ups, kinks, and much much more!”

Backlash Against Screening of Questionable Russian Sex Ed Video

Last week, the Internet exploded over the existence of a Russian educational video referring to sexually active women as “dumpsters” for the genes of previous sex partners (among other things). This video is allegedly based upon scientific studies but, when called upon by a Gawker writer to cite his sources, the man behind the video was unable to point to specific research. An eighth-grade teacher showed his students this video, after which complaints were made to the school’s principal. The principal is quoted as saying there there is “nothing criminal” in the video.