Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News

In Juneau, Alaska, Schools Fall in Line with New Sex Ed Bill

Earlier this month, Mother Jones magazine published a piece on how difficult it is to ensure compliance with the Healthy Youth Act in California. In other states, school districts are slowly falling in line with their own new laws. Among them, the Juneau, Alaska, school board is waiting to approve a handful of educators so that they can be in compliance with new House Bill 156, which makes it impossible to provide sex ed without this extra step.

New Orleans Charter School Takes a More Comprehensive Approach to Sex Ed

Warren Easton, a charter school in New Orleans, LA, has adopted a new, more comprehensive sex education course as part of its health curriculum. Health Smart curriculum has been approved by the Orleans Parish School Board, and is in line with requirements mandated by state law. This new curriculum includes lessons on HIV, other STIs, and pregnancy prevention.

Health Department in Ohio Offers Parent/Child Sex Ed Classes

In Sidney, Ohio, the Sidney-Shelby County Health Department is offering a new semester of Parent-Child Sexuality Education classes. According to the Sidney Daily News, the course gives parents and children an opportunity to share values, feelings, and beliefs.