Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed Class at University in China Becomes Most Popular Class

At China’s Wuhan University of Technology Huaxia College, a new elective titled “Sexual Health and Culture” has become the hottest course on campus. Some say the popularity of this class only underscores the need to reform China’s sex ed system, and to provide students with this information before they reach university.

Controversy Over New Sex Ed Curriculum in Spokane, Washington

In Spokane, Washington, community members and the Spokane County Republican Party expressed concerns about the “Get Real” sex ed curriculum set to be adopted by the public school system, mostly because it had been developed by the local Planned Parenthood. The Human Growth & Development Citizens Advisory Committee had chosen the curriculum last year after a months-long process, but school administrators sent the decision back to an advisory committee after the push-back. During the committee’s first meeting of the school year, and after a two-hour debate, they re-confirmed their commitment to the curriculum for grades 6 through 9. Now the school board can to decide whether or not to adopt it. Meanwhile, in North Kitsap, Washington, the school board is shying away from the state’s new health standards, which provides guidelines for classroom discussion of gender roles, gender identity and gender expression.

Call to Remove Gendered Terminology from Sex Ed Classes Spreads Across Australia

In Australia, there has been a call to remove gendered references from lesson plans in order to make classes more inclusive for transgender students. This push originated from an Australian University study, published in the Journal of Sex Education.

Massachusetts Senate Approves Sex Ed Bill That Calls for Stricter Curricula

While public schools in Massachusetts are not required to teach sex ed, a bill currently being considered by the House outlines a stricter curriculum for schools who wish to do so. The bill was approved by the state Senate in July, and requires that schools teaching sex ed include information about contraceptives.

New York Superintendent Proposes Expanded Sex Ed Curriculum

Back in May, we mentioned that students in Niagara Falls, New York, were calling for better sex education. Now, the town’s superintendent is proposing an expanded sex ed curriculum to replace the abstinence-based program they already have. He hopes to implement the new plan by January 1.