Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed Class at University in China Becomes Most Popular Class At China’s Wuhan University of Technology Huaxia College, a new elective titled “Sexual Health and Culture” has become the hottest course on campus. Some say the popularity of this class only underscores the need to reform China’s sex ed system, and to provide students with… Read more »

Where does the bullying start?

On Monday I wrote about romantic and sexual relationships and the potential intersection with bullying. Today I want to think a little bit about stereotypes and how they lend themselves to an atmosphere that is accepting of bullying. Bullying can and is, of course, based on a wide range of “reasons” that include everything from… Read more »

Big enough for everyone

Merry Christmas-Eve-Eve, if that’s your holiday of choice. It is for me and my family. We usually note Solstice in one way or another. We talk about Hanukah and and Kwanzaa as they relate to families we know. But for us, it’s all about a secular Christmas morning after Santa has visited. We model new… Read more »