Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News

Middle School Sex Ed Curriculum in Washington State Under Review

The Moses Lake School Board in Grant County, Washington, is about to review a new sex education curriculum for the district’s middle school students. The curriculum, titled “Draw The Line/Respect The Line,” is a three-year program that promotes abstinence and includes lesson plans on healthy relationships and effective communication skills.

Sex Ed Classes in Moffat County, Colorado, Do Not Comply with State Law

In 2013, Colorado passed a state law—House Bill 1081-13—that mandates that sex education classes must provide information about human sexuality that is comprehensive and factual. In Moffat County, however, classes still stress an abstinence-only approach, meaning that their curricula does not comply with the law. Community members are rallying together in order to convince district board members to review their policies.

School Districts Get in Line with Alaska’s House Bill 156

We’ve blogged in the past about Alaska’s House Bill 156, a contentious new law that requires guest speakers in sex ed classes to have their credentials reviewed, and to get school board approval. Another stipulation of the law is that teachers must provide all supplemental materials for review by their local school board. Such materials were made available for public review last week in Fairbanks.

Stanford University Launches New Sex Ed Program for Incoming Students

Stanford University in California has just launched a new program called “Beyond Sex Ed: Consent & Sexuality at Stanford.” Required for both first-year and transfer students, the program is meant to help students establish a campus culture that revolves around “healthy, empowered and consensual relationships.”