Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News

Effects of New California Laws Continue to Spread Across the State

In Auburn, California, high school trustees voted to adopt the new state law into its policies. As a result, students in the area will learn about healthy relationships, pregnancy and STI prevention, gender stereotypes, and more. Parents will be sent letters regarding the lessons, inviting them to review the curriculum and, if they wish, opt out.

Program in Honduras Provides Answers About Sexual Health to Adolescents

A group in Honduras is taking an interesting approach to sex ed, placing boxes in schools and in youth health centers so that adolescents can write down questions and slip them in anonymously. Adolescent peer educators from the Committees for the Prevention of Pregnancies and STIs among Adolescents (COPEITSA) eventually respond to these questions in writing, displaying the answers in glass cases for everyone to view.

Controversial Alaska Amendment Continues Chugging Along

After SB-89 was struck down in Juneau, Alaska, several aspects of the failed bill were tacked onto a separate bill, which was passed by the Senate on April 17. This amended bill requires that sex ed instructors be overseen by a schoolteacher, and that all instructors—and their curriculum—be approved by the local school board. Still, after being passed by the Senate, lawmakers in the House rejected the changes. Two different versions now head to a conference committee, which will parse out a compromise.

Interesting Read on How Charter Schools in Colorado Are Dodging Sex Ed Laws

In a fascinating bit of reading, a reporter for the Colorado Independent writes about how charter schools in Colorado have been using waivers to get out of teaching comprehensive sexuality education, despite state laws, which mandate that schools teach about abstinence, contraception, condoms, and other barrier methods. The law also requires sex ed classes “to be meaningful to the experiences and needs of communities of color, immigrants; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.”

Yet Another Sex Ed App Makes Its Way to Market

Last month, we reported the launch of Juicebox, a new mobile sex ed app aimed at high schoolers. This month, we see the launch of Tabu, another mobile app, and social network developed by two Stanford University alumni. With their impressive array of content partners, it seems like this app may be worth watching as it joins in on the trend of taking sexual health information directly to those who need it most.