Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News


It’s all news to me!

Marriage equality!

The biggest news from last week was the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. Because the news on that front is too expansive to even begin to summarize here, I want to start by linking to the court decisions in full. They are at times beautiful, at times bigoted. They are certainly worth a read in full. I also feel it is worth directing your attention to the need for continued action, rather than complacency. We are not done, as a profession, in our work for social justice. 

A condom that changes color if there’s an STI on it? Yes please!

Last week all the hype was around a few 13 and 14 year olds who dreamed up a condom that provides an easy STI test by changing color in the presence of STI viruses and bacteria. Unclear from the headlines, however, is the fact that these condoms are still far, far from production. Great idea, no idea whether it’s possible or not yet!

One example of how Norway does it differently

Most of the US population has never really considered what they would do if a giant penis came up and sprayed gold glitter on them in the name of increased sexual health awareness and condom use. I suspect that the Norwegian population hasn’t considered it either, before now.