Sex Ed in the News

Lebanon Hosting First LGBT Sexual Health Week The Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health (LebMASH) is planning a health week in Lebanon, during which they will focus on how the marginalization of the LGBTI community affects mental health. Although Lebanon is one the most progressive countries in the Middle East regarding LGBT issues, it is still… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Releases New Sex Ed Manual India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare recently released a resource kit, which is intended for use by 160,000 young people all over India as a means of training them to teach their peers about adolescent health. This is a bold move for India, where sexual… Read more »

NSEC Workshop Presenter Kenny Shults

To whet the appetites of those planning to attend this year’s National Sex Ed Conference, and to provide incentive to do so for those on the fence, we’ll be posting some short interviews with this year’s conference workshop presenters. They’ve got some exciting things in store for us, and conducting these interviews has us eager… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

  All the news that’s fit to print. Apps are where it’s at! There are new sex ed, sexual health, etc., apps popping up all the time. They can be hard to keep track of, so here’s an intro into the best that are currently out and soon to be released: It Matters, An Awesome Sex… Read more »

In what ways is a period NOT like a flower?

We’re back to 500 Lessons in 500 Days again! This week I’m focusing on lesson plans from Changes, Changes, Changes, the CSE’s manual on puberty education. In classrooms with post-pubescent students, condom usage is a common topic of conversation. Pre-pubescent (or newly-pubescent) students need similar kinds of information and hands-on experience with body care products…. Read more »

The ABCs of HPV

There are two sexually transmitted infections that I find students are the most routinely confused about in class: HPV and Herpes. (It doesn’t help that Herpes is referred to medically as the Herpes Simplex Virus, or HSV.) Today I want to talk about HPV: There are so many strains, they do such apparently different things… Read more »

What do your vagina and your boss have to do with each other?

You know those days when you’re feeling down at work, feeling unappreciated, not entirely sure that you’re on the right path anyway? You look around your little work space, dejected, wanting some recognition for everything you put into your company? If nothing else, even a raise would do it for you. It’s not emotional validation,… Read more »

Sex Ed News Roundup: 2014’s Best in Sex(Ed)

HuffPo’s Best and Worst in Sex List Another New Year, another “Best and Worst” list. But this is one we can get behind! Huffington Post ranked Louisiana State Rep. Patricia Smith’s quote, that “lack of sex education is ‘really a form of child abuse’” as the best Sex Ed moment of 2014. They argue that… Read more »

When pleasure gets stuck

Continuing my ongoing conversation about Teaching Safer Sex, I want to dive into the first section of volume 2. This section, called “Getting Into a (New) Groove,” and is described this way: “These are not your everyday safer sex lessons! Lessons in this section examine STI prevention through the lens of sensuality, decision-making and inclusivity… Read more »