Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News

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Women students develop app to stop sex assaults in Oxford

Technology is becoming more and more deeply integrated into the sexual experience, from dating to STI results to ovulation tracking. Women at Oxford College have recently created a new app that provides support for people who have experienced sexual assault. Knowing what to do in such painful situations is often confusing, and the new app provides information and guidance.

Call to start sex education earlier to stem sexual violence on campus

To follow-up on the story about the new Oxford app, it’s clear that education about sexual assault is insufficient. The Guardian, also in England, reports that while there is a mandate that college students receive education about consent, that education just isn’t happening.

We’re casual about sex and serious about consent. But is it working?

Speaking of consent, it’s a huge issue on college campuses and last week the Washington Post invited a number of authors to consider education and theorizing about sex ed and consent on college campuses.

Improving sex education for public health

In related news, Northwestern is requiring a new online sex ed course for incoming freshmen in order to ensure that all students have basic information about biology and physiology including STIs and more. It’s innovative and engage, if a basic beginning to truly comprehensive sex education.