Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News

Abortion Rates Drop in New Mexico Too

Hawaii has the highest drop in abortion rates in the US (30%, as I reported last week), but New Mexico has the second highest drop at 22%. All of the groups are claiming responsibility for the drop.

Child Sexual Abuse and Strength

What does it mean when an adult who experienced horrific child sexual abuse is praised for their strength? Dani Bostick, writing for the Huffington Post, suggests that it requires the individual to return to hiding, to reject the messiness, and to reject the real process of living as a victim.

Should Porn be Included?

A lengthy, insightful, statistics-bound piece on pornography and its relationship to modern sexual development and the sex ed classroom was published on ThinkProgress this week. The article raises more questions than it has answers, but the right question is an important place to start!

LGBT Inclusive Sex Ed is still Evasive

Comprehensive sex ed is useful only when everyone is included in said sex ed. RH Reality Check addresses the issues in the lack of sex ed that is provided to sexual minorities based on a recent article in the American Public Health Journal. While not surprising, the research finds that sexual minorities are systematically and detrimentally left out of many sex ed programs.