The things I know

My friends and family are trivia geeks of all flavors. From Star Trek to baseball, they do love the details. Trivial Pursuit was one of the most often games played in my house when I was young. I’ll admit to being a sex trivia geek. So a game called Sex Ed Trivia? Sign me up!… Read more »

The geeky kind of fun I love

Last weekend I was at a huge swing-dance-camping-party that I help host every year, and fell into a conversation with a young woman who wants to get pregnant sometime in the next year. She and her partner are starting small, with education and prenatal vitamins and will get more serious about conception in a few… Read more »

When privacy is a problem

Continuing with our Game On! week, today I’m talking about the fifth game in the manual: Private One: The What, Where, and How of Privacy. Privacy is such an important issue for all people. Learning the art of disclosure is often a life-long process. There are so many ways to go with this topic, I… Read more »

Let’s get our game on!

It’s a game week again! I’m almost half way through Game On!, which is both exciting and a little sad. It feels like it’s going to be a good week when I dive into this little manual, looking for something that will engage, educate, and enliven my sex ed classrooms! I have mostly focused on… Read more »

Play those ivories and bones

I love, love, love the critical thinking and connections that happen during this game. It’s basically the same game as the classic version, but it asks that the game players make connections between ties based on contraceptive information rather than matching numbers. These kinds of real-world putting-together-of-pieces is fantastic. It’s all about the connections, both in… Read more »

A game for the new teacher

I was flipping through Game On!, deciding which lesson to write about today, and came across Name that Contraceptive! I’m a sucker for exciting titles, and this one roped me in with that exciting exclamation mark! And so here we are, learning about this particular lesson together. Name that Contraceptive! by Martha S. Rosenthal, PhD… Read more »

Spin the wheel and guess the price!

(Okay, so you don’t actually do either of the things suggested in the title. But it is a game show!) I’ve posted about game shows before – or maybe it was reality television? The point is that I have a private love of these things. Oh don’t get me wrong, they’re a complete waste of… Read more »

I want to be on reality TV!

I was flipping through lesson plans, looking for something on adoption to note National Adoption Month, when this activity leapt out of the table of contents and demanded that I pay attention. I mean, National Adoption Day is still a week or so away, and how on earth could I pass up something about reality… Read more »

Drawing Development

In stark contrast to yesterday’s lesson that was designed for adult learners, this one is designed for students just entering puberty. I love that Game On! has something to offer everyone! After attending Bill Taverner and Tanya Bass’s training on the Center for Sex Education’s new puberty manual, Changes, Changes, Changes last week, I’ve been thinking… Read more »


I just looked over the Game On! table of contents to decide which game to write about next and found myself entirely unable to pass up this title. It’s a lesson that’s specifically designed for college students and other adult learners, which I love. It’s rare to find activities specifically for this older age group…. Read more »

Sex Ed Games

Weekends around my house are often filled with board games. Saturday found us playing Ticket to Ride (the Germany edition, because we go to Germany every summer!). Other household favorites include Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan. In honor of my family’s love of game playing, this week I am devoting entirely to the Center for… Read more »