A game for the new teacher


I was flipping through Game On!, deciding which lesson to write about today, and came across Name that Contraceptive! I’m a sucker for exciting titles, and this one roped me in with that exciting exclamation mark! And so here we are, learning about this particular lesson together.

Name that Contraceptive!
by Martha S. Rosenthal, PhD

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  1. Correctly identify a contraceptive method from a list of distinctive characteristics.
  2. List important information about various forms of contraceptives.
  3. Compare, contrast and evaluate different methods of contraception.

The average woman is fertile for almost 39 years of her life. A woman who is sexually active with men and wants to give birth to only two children will need to spend 89% of her fertile life—about three decades—using contraception. It is important that sexually active men and women of all ages become familiar with the contraceptive methods available to them so they can evaluate these methods and choose the approach that best suits their lifestyle. Name that Contraceptive is a game in which participants correctly identify a method of contraception through a series of clues. Throughout the game, participant knowledge about contraceptive methods will be tested. Participants will delve into higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy as they compare and contrast different forms of contraception and explain their reasons for recommending particular methods.


The game play is relatively simple, as is the set up. Each small group gets a stack of cards that, when turned over in sequence, shows increasingly detailed clues about a specific form of contraception.

I like this activity because it allows students to self-organize, discuss, and discover. It would be a perfect thing to leave for a substitute teacher. It would also be fantastic for a classroom experience where the instructor has a novice level of information about contraception – the activity does all the work for them! And, no small detail, getting it set-up will provide important information for the instructor.