I just looked over the Game On! table of contents to decide which game to write about next and found myself entirely unable to pass up this title. It’s a lesson that’s specifically designed for college students and other adult learners, which I love. It’s rare to find activities specifically for this older age group.

Viva la Vulva: What’s Up with Down There?
by Lisa Schulze, MEd
By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
  1. Identify basic facts about female anatomy, sexual pleasure and sexual health.
  2. Describe how shame, misinformation and lack of empowerment impact feelings about female sexuality. 
The striking omission of female sexuality from public discourse creates challenges such as misinformation, confusion and negative attitudes about sex, which can be pervasive and long lasting impediments for women to become sexually healthy adults. Accurate information about the body, sexual health and sexual pleasure is imperative for holistic health and well-being.1 This lesson seeks to introduce participants to female anatomy and sexual pleasure. It will offer information in a frank and playful manner to increase participant self-efficacy in seeking and maintaining a healthy and safe sex life.
1World Association for Sexual Health. (2008). Sexual health for the millennium: A declaration and technical document. Minneapolis, MN: World Association for Sexual Health.s
I mean really, how could anyone pass up that title? Long Live the Vulva! And did I mention that it has directions to write “Legend of the Vulvatastic Dots” on newsprint?? Sign me up! (It’s times like these when my friends who are not sexuality educators cough and change the subject.)

The game begins by inviting participants to discuss and consider their preconceptions about female sexuality – from anatomy and physiology to sexual pleasure and arousal. Then there is a kinesthetic question and answer activity where participants get team points for correct answers and eventually – hooray! – one team wins. The only thing missing from the activity is a prize for the winning team. May I suggest that the seasoned sexuality educator who has deep pockets to fund prizes for in-class games (ha!) might have a few of these stowed away to provide to the winners. I’m particularly fond of the ones with intricate beading!


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