Top Sexual Health Web Sites for Teens

Note the study’s chart incorrectly lists the URLs for
PAMF and Sex, Etc. The correct URLS are, respectively, and
The journal Clinical Pediatrics recently published a study evaluating the different sexual health information websites for adolescents. They evaluated almost 30 such websites on five criteria: “authority” (i.e., legitimacy, credentialing, etc.), “interactivity,” “usability,” and “educational content”. 
The study is significant not only for its providing some guidance on the quality of sexual health websites, but also for providing an expanded repertoire of sites that teachers may evaluate — or perhaps assign students to evaluate — as places where teens can get good information. 
Kudos to the top three:, and

Whitley, L. B., Mello, J. Hunt, O., and Brown, L. K. (2012). “A Review of Sexual Health Web Sites for Adolescents,” Clinical Pediatrics: 51(3): 209-213.

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  1. Jane Anderson

    Thank you so much for this information! I have two younger siblings who are getting into their older teens and they need some good information on sexual health. A friend of mine who works at the salisbury health center said that if more teens were educated properly about sexual health, there would be less teen pregnancies and more abstinence from teenagers.