Teaching Safer Sex…the ABRIDGED Version

We are ending 2019 with a revamping of Teaching Safer Sex! This NEW version contains 10 lessons that have been updated and re-released into a NEW manual. Order your copy today! Manuals will be shipping January 2020. In the mean time…here is a preview of Teaching Safer Sex: Abridged Version. Introduction to Teaching Safer Sex:… Read more »

Describe Peggy Brick in One Word…

In 2012, Peggy Brick received the AASECT Sexuality Educator Award. Colleagues were asked to describe Peggy in one word. Here’s a snapshot of those descriptions.

Remembering Peggy Brick

Peggy Brick died this week. As a leader in sexuality education, Peggy impacted countless lives. Below is her story of how she got into sex ed. How I got into Sex Ed… At 85 years of age, I’m challenged to tell “how I got into sex… education.” I wonder, did it begin at Camp TeAta… Read more »

How I Got Into Sex…Ed — Meet Jeffrey W. Anthony

We are running excerpts from How I Got Into Sex…Ed. Get a free copy of the ebook here. Order the print book here. Jeffrey W. Anthony How I Got Into Sex…Ed Once upon a time, there was a boy who needed to know everything. And he thought he did. And then things happened, and he didn’t have… Read more »

How I Got Into Sex…Ed — Meet Carole Adamsbaum

We are running excerpts from How I Got Into Sex…Ed. Get a free copy of the ebook here. Order the print book here. Carole Adamsbaum RN, MA NJ Mental Health Screener, Teacher Certification, AASECT Sexuality Educator Denville, NJ Professional Life Current workplace: St. Clare’s Hospital, Denville, NJ First workplace: Parsippany Hills High School, Parsippany, NJ Favorite workplace:… Read more »

SSSSample Lesson Plans

The following lesson plans, taken from numerous recent and forthcoming teaching manuals from The Center for Sex Education, were distributed at a special session at the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality meeting November 19, 2016. Click here. In addition, we granted SSSS members FREE 30-day access to the Sex Ed Network. Please visit SexEdNetwork.org and… Read more »

Karen’s Conference Musings

It’s Thanksgiving week, and predictably, between conversations about turkey (yes), turkey shaped tofu (yes), cranberry-orange chutney (yes), and that weird cranberry stuff that is shaped like a can (unfortunately yes), I’m putting in hard time on conference preparation. This is my third year working on the National Sex Ed Conference planning team, and I love… Read more »

Guest post: How & Where Youth Live, Learn, & Play Matters

by Gina Desiderio Adolescence is an important time of developmental transition, when young people may be more sensitive to the environmental influences around them, in their relationships, communities, and society. For those of us working with adolescents and young adults, we know the programs, education, and services we provide are critical for this positive development…and yet… Read more »

Memorial to Dr. Oliver Sacks

When I was sixteen years old, my mother started dating a man who eventually became my stepfather. He and I had fantastic conversations about topics I had never even realized existed. He opened my experience of the cognitive world in ways both beautiful and expansive. That all began with The Man Who Mistook His Wife… Read more »

Interview with Dr. Beverly Whipple, NSEC workshop presenter

National Sex Ed Conference Workshop Title: Sexuality Educators and Research; Finding, Using, and Conducting Research – Tips from the Life Work of a Sexual Health Educator and Researcher Who should come to your workshop, and why? BW: This is a workshop for anyone who wants to learn more about how to find and use existing… Read more »

Amusement Park, here we come!

I frequently use an analogy when I talk with parents about how to manage their own emotions during their children’s adolescence: Your teens may be on an emotional and physical roller coaster. But that’s no reason for you to get on. Stay on the ground, your feet firmly planted, watch your teen ride, and be… Read more »

True v. False

I am a fan of crowdsourcing information, which is what this activity, from the Puberty Basics chapter in Changes, Changes, Changes, asks students to do. Or rather, what it can do, depending on how the teacher decides to implement it.         EXPERIENCING PUBERTY True or False Exercise   By the end of… Read more »

Clearing up confusions and acne

The Puberty Basics lessons included in Changes, Changes, Changes are as follows:  Physical Anatomy And Puberty Changes Experiencing Puberty How Hormones Affect Puberty Changes Life Is A Roller Coaster Ride Puberty Sketchionary Pop Goes Puberty Cleaning Up Misconceptions About Acne Good And Secret Touch As I read over this list and considered which lesson to… Read more »

What are the unknown unknowns about puberty?

I am still in Zimbabwe this week, and I am still listening, learning, and taking in this amazing country and people. I may blog about my experiences here, but I feel the need to just drink everything in right now rather than talking about it quite yet.   In the meantime, I am going to… Read more »

Sex Ed & Culture, and the Sex/Sex Ed Double-Standard

Ontario Sex Ed Update! Ontario, Canada’s new sex ed curriculum, which we reported back in February would include issues of consent, premiered two weeks ago. The Windsor Star reported on March 8th that a poll released by Forum Research showed a 49 percent approval rate for the new curriculum, with 34 percent of Ontarians disapporving,… Read more »

Sex Ed News Roundup: Bad News for #SexEd in LA, OR Goes the Extra Mile

LA Senate Passes Bill Banning “Abortion Providers” from Teaching Sex Ed in Public Schools Last Tuesday, the Louisiana Senate passed HB 305, which bans any organizations that provide abortion services, such as Planned Parenthood, from teaching sexuality in public schools. According to The Advocate, state Senator Karen Peterson, Democrat of New Orleans, said the legislation singles… Read more »