Play those ivories and bones

I love, love, love the critical thinking and connections that happen during this game. It’s basically the same game as the classic version, but it asks that the game players make connections between ties based on contraceptive information rather than matching numbers. These kinds of real-world putting-together-of-pieces is fantastic.┬áIt’s all about the connections, both in… Read more »

A game for the new teacher

I was flipping through Game On!, deciding which lesson to write about today, and came across Name that Contraceptive! I’m a sucker for exciting titles, and this one roped me in with that exciting exclamation mark! And so here we are, learning about this particular lesson together. Name that Contraceptive! by Martha S. Rosenthal, PhD… Read more »

Actual hot potato

I’ve been attending basketball games regularly for the first time this academic year. My older daughter is playing basketball – and really loving it! In fact, I just got back from a game tonight. (My daughter wasn’t playing – but we knew many of the girls who were.) It was one of those games where… Read more »