Sex Ed in the News

Taipei Parents’ Associations Cast a Critical Eye on Sex Ed Books

In Taipei, the National Alliance of Presidents of Parents’ Associations—in addition to several other local parents’ associations—gave ratings to a selection of junior high and high school sex education textbooks intended for use in the spring semester. Their ratings were based upon whether they felt the content met students’ age-specific needs, and many parents were critical of what they saw as inappropriate information.

Indiana Opt-In Law Inches Closer to Reality

In our last update, we reported that a potential law before the Indiana Senate would require written parental consent for sexual education in schools. The bill has since passed the Senate, and is on its way to the House.

Schools in Cumberland County, NC Scrap Sex Ed Program

Back in November, we reported that school officials were temporarily removing a new sex ed program from local middle schools because of push-back from parents. Then, last week, Cumberland County’s Curriculum Committee voted remove the “Get Real” program entirely, and replace it with a program used in 2009. The Cumberland County Board of Education will make a final vote on the program today. Updates next week.