Sex Ed in the News

Ontario’s Sex Ed Curriculum at Stake in Upcoming Election

Patrick Brown, the former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, recently stepped down in the wake of multiple allegations of sexual conduct. Looking to fill his shoes is candidate Doug Ford, who has made the province’s sex ed curriculum a part of his platform. If elected, he intends to revisit—and possibly repeal—the existing curriculum, which his predecessor initially opposed, but then decided to support.

Homosexuality No Longer Considered a Crime in Alabama

Back in May, we shared the news that lawmakers in Alabama voted to remove anti-gay language from the state’s sex education policy. The state Senate has since approved this bill.

Schools in Cumberland County, NC Scrap Sex Ed Program

Last week, we reported that Cumberland County school officials intended to remove the “Get Real” curriculum from their schools. It’s now official: The school board has voted to nix the program. Parents are mixed in their reactions to this outcome.