Sex Ed in the News

Utah Pushes for More Comprehensive Sex Ed

Last week, House Bill 215 was filed in the Utah State Legislature. The bill encourages the discussion of topics such as consent, body autonomy, and healthy relationships. Currently, Utah uses an abstinence-based sexual education curriculum.

3D-Printing Technology Brings Sex Ed to More People

We’ve blogged about 3D-printing technology in the past, mentioning how an open-source, anatomically correct, printable 3D clitoris was being used for sex education in French schools. But other advocates and researchers have taken things further, creating more than 18 3D figures that model sex organs during various states of arousal. The intention is that these 3D models will be useful tools in bringing sex education to blind students.

Dutch Government Provides Sex Ed Funding After Cuts by President Trump

A little over a week ago, President Trump reinstituted a ban on U.S. funding to international groups that perform abortions, or that even provide information about abortions. In response, the Dutch government announced that it’s putting $10.7 million into an international fund it has launched to finance access to birth control, abortion, and sex education for women in developing nations.

Spotlight on Global Sex Ed Heroes

Speaking of response to the Global Gag Rule, Marie Claire has spotlighted several grassroots groups around the world that are doing what they can to keep sex ed and other reproductive health services accessible.

Six Ways Educators Are Fixing Sex Ed

Finally, I wanted to share a piece I wrote for Pacific Standard on how sex educators are finding creative ways around the red tape of traditional, school-based sex education in order to bring education to underserved populations. This article was inspired in part by all of the brilliant educators I met at this past December’s National Sex Ed Conference.