Sex Ed in the News

Virginia High School Reconsiders Partnership with Sex Ed Providers Following Video Controversy Western Albemarle High School may be severing ties with the Sexual Assault Resource Agency, a local sexual assault prevention group, after complaints arose in regard to a video shown to two health classes. The four-minute video was created by Laci Green, a sex ed… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

Utah Pushes for More Comprehensive Sex Ed Last week, House Bill 215 was filed in the Utah State Legislature. The bill encourages the discussion of topics such as consent, body autonomy, and healthy relationships. Currently, Utah uses an abstinence-based sexual education curriculum. 3D-Printing Technology Brings Sex Ed to More People We’ve blogged about 3D-printing technology in the… Read more »

How Might Sex Ed Be Affected Over the Next Four Years?

As we approach Inauguration Day, it’s tempting to ask how sex ed might be affected by the incoming administration. It’s also tough to call, as sexuality education wasn’t necessarily at the forefront this past campaign season. Still, Rewire has tried to answer that question, or at least to engage in some well-informed speculation. In her most recent post… Read more »

A Spotlight on the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act

Earlier this week, we mentioned that there was a bill pending in the Senate that could lead to additional funding for teacher training of sexuality educators, and for grants that could lead to more comprehensive education programs. But let’s dig deeper. What could the implications be if the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act (REHYA) were passed?… Read more »