Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News

East Lansing School Board Votes to Allow Guest Speakers from Local Health Centers

Board members of the East Lansing, MI school board voted 7-0 to allow guest speakers from Willow Adolescent Health Center Outreach Educational Program and End Violent Encounters to speak at East Lansing High School. Outside speakers for sex education were pulled from the district last spring when an instructor from a pro-life organization received negative social media coverage from a local parent.

Alaska Bill That Would Place Limits on Sex Ed Continues Failing… Until It Doesn’t

A conference committee comprised of House and Senate members voted yet again on the fate of a bill that would place severe restrictions on sex education in Alaska. It failed by one vote, which was its third strike-down. However, lawmakers rescinded their vote and re-voted, getting the 21 votes they needed to pass the measure.

Yet Another Study Shows That Abstinence-Only Education Doesn’t Necessarily Work

In a paper published in Health Affairs earlier this month, researchers scrutinized the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)—a funder of abstinence and faithfulness programming in sub-Saharan Africa—to see whether it succeeded in reducing the risk of HIV transmission… or the frequency of any other high-risk sexual behaviors. The results? Underwhelming.

Sex Education Takes on New Forms with Launch of Graphic Book Imprint

Portland-based comics publisher Oni Press is launching a new imprint called Limerence Press, dedicated to erotica and sex education comics. The first books released under the Limerence imprint will be the first three collected volumes of Oh Joy Sex Toy, the sex education webcomic by by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan.