Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News

The People Push Back Against Restrictive Sex Education Laws

Alaskans Unhappy with Two New Bills That Would Restrict Sex Ed Options

Last week, we mentioned that the Alaska Senate had approved a bill that would prohibit school districts from contracting with abortion care providers for their sex education course materials. In addition to this bill, there is another piece of legislation on the table that would make sex education opt-in versus opt-out. Some are concerned that this will harm students whose parents are unengaged in their education.

7 Planned Parenthood Services You Didn’t Know Were Available

In response to recent attacks on Planned Parenthood, a writer for Mic put together a list of the seven services Planned Parenthood offers that people may not be aware of. Among them? Its sexual health education resources.

New Arizona Resolution Pushes Back Again Law That Prohibits Promotion of Homosexuality in Sex Ed

Tucson, Arizona, is preparing to pass a resolution critical of a state law that prohibits classroom lessons promoting homosexuality. “I think it’s really important that we promote medically accurate sex education,” Rep. Stefanie Mach, a sponsor of the bill, told the Arizona Daily Star. “And I think we need to acknowledge that there is a variety of ways that you can have safe and healthy relationships and it’s really not the government’s role to decide what those are as long as they’re medically safe and that information is accurate.”

Germany Launches Sex Education Website For Asylum-Seekers

Germany’s Federal Center for Health Education recently launched Zanzu, an online portal available in 13 languages that offers information about sexual health. This site was created to educate those fleeing dangerous conditions in countries like Syria. There has been some backlash, however, mainly due to the site’s illustrations, which some consider to be unnecessarily explicit.