Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News

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Harvard’s ‘Sex Week’ Gathering Headlines Again

Harvard’s controversial Sex Week includes a wide range of workshops incorporating kink, safer sex, and interdisciplinary studies. From masturbation to 1200 bottles of lube, the week is not an official college program, but hosts its own website and infrastructure.

Mississippi Teacher Suspended for Condom Demonstration

After a teacher allowed a student to lead a condom demonstration, she was suspended for three days for violating Mississippi’s House Bill 999. House Bill 999 says that no condoms or contraception may be demonstrated in school programs and that boys and girls must be separated during sex education. There have been student-led protests for the teacher to return to school.

Once-a-week Sex is Best

The Internet is all atwitter with the recent research that having sex once a week is the best balance for long term couples. The balancing of expectations with regular physical intimacy is best at that level.