Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News

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New England prep schools overhaul sex ed programs after rape trial

Some of the largest, oldest, and most prestigious New England private high schools (including¬†Phillips Exeter Academy, Phillips Academy, and St. Paul’s School) are reconsidering their approach to sexuality education. Consent and respect are among the foci of the newly emerging programs.

Ontario’s ongoing sex ed debate

Ontario continues to be roiled in debate over the new sex ed program in the public schools. The link above outlines what will be included in the program for those interested in more curricular details.

Michigan Working to Include Consent Education/Fix Sex Ed

In what is known locally as the Yes Means Yes Bill, Michigan is working to expand their state sexuality education program from condom-and-abstinence-based to something broader. Notably, lawmakers are enthusiastically working to include enthusiastic consent as an underpinning to the new law.