Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News

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How many sex partners have you, vicariously, had?

Based on the 2010 Health Survey for England, LloydsPharmacy has a new website up that takes your personal sex history and calculates how many sex partners all of your sex partners had before having sex with you. It’s a complex formula that outputs very high numbers. There are concerns that it results in inaccurate, sex-shaming numbers.

North Carolina Legislature May Redefine Sex Ed

A North Carolina bill may change the state’s requirements of its sex ed programs. Rather than being approved by health experts (as is currently required), the new bill “be peer reviewed and accepted by any experts” and include information on sex trafficking. There is substantial debate among sex educators, if not in the legislature, about whether the bill would be an improvement.

Drug Resistant Gonorrhea

Drug resistant gonorrhea, first discovered in 2011, is gaining ground in the northern UK. With gonorrhea on the rise generally in the UK, the drug resistant strain is particularly worrisome.