Does Pleasure Have a Place in Sex Ed Curricula?

Earlier this week, we mentioned that several schools in Ontario, Canada are experiencing a backlash from parents who are upset with the new sex ed curriculum. Thorncliffe Park Public School in Toronto, was forced to offer a “sanitized” version of the curriculum to first graders, as a way to stop parents from pulling their children out of class…. Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

New Means of Disseminating Sexuality Information, Plus Other News…  Obama Cuts Abstinence-Only Sex Ed; School Districts Push Back In his proposed budget for 2017, President Barack Obama eliminated a $10 million-a-year grant from the Department of Health and Human Services that funds abstinence-only education programs. Meanwhile, there are some states that are voting to keep abstinence-based education in… Read more »

When pleasure gets stuck

Continuing my ongoing conversation about Teaching Safer Sex, I want to dive into the first section of volume 2. This section, called “Getting Into a (New) Groove,” and is described this way: “These are not your everyday safer sex lessons! Lessons in this section examine STI prevention through the lens of sensuality, decision-making and inclusivity… Read more »