Sex Ed in the News

Trump’s Proposed 2018 Budget Favors Abstinence-Only Sex Ed

Doing what he does best, sexologist Justin Lehmiller gives a breakdown of how Trump’s proposed 2018 budget would provide more funding to abstinence-only sex ed programs than ever before. Check out the numbers here.

Georgia Public Schools Continue to Field Sex Ed Complaints

In¬†Gwinnett County, Georgia,¬†parents, students, and former students came out to a recent school board meeting to express concern over the work of the Pregnancy Resource Center of Gwinnett, which they say has used “crude exercises and outdated beliefs” to encourage abstinence in the district’s sex ed classes. While the group did not respond to the specific complaints, they still defended their work at the meeting.

Canadian Municipality Allows Parents to Take the Reins on Sex Ed

In Langley, British Columbia, sex ed will now be taught as part of Physical Education, and more time will be spent on the subject. Classes will include content on health and safety, illness prevention and mental health, as well as sexual orientation and gender identity. And while parents can choose to teach sex ed at home (after lesson plan approval by a teacher), education around sexual orientation and gender identity is not considered sexual by the Board of Education, and cannot be among the topics parents choose to handle with at-home instruction.

Conservative Activist in Vancouver Secretly Tapes Sex Ed Sessions, Leading to Conflict with the School Board

At Lord Byng Secondary School in Vancouver, Canada, conservative activist Kari Simpson attended and secretly recorded a voluntary sex ed program for students in grades 10 through 12, which she then posted to her Culture Guard website. Alongside the recordings, Simpson pointed out what she saw as the flaws in the program. The school board has since ordered Simpson to remove the recordings from her site, saying that her recordings and posts were unlawful. Simpson has also been banned from the school property.