Sex Ed in the News

Sex Ed in the News

Haines School Board Approves Sex Ed Instructor, Materials

The Haines School Board in Haines, Alaska, recently voted unanimously to approve both the high school sex education instructor and the textbook he would be using to teach the course. Their decisions were made under House Bill 156, a new law that gives parents more oversight. Some are concerned that the lack of information on contraceptives in the textbook will limit the ability to teach such topics without breaking the law, though the instructor himself seems unconcerned.

Mixed Reactions to Push for ‘Relationship’ Education as Early as Age 5

In London, England, as part of a report on child sexual abuse, Labour MP Sarah Champion has called for comprehensive and mandatory sex and relationship education for students as young as 5. Champion hopes that such measures will combat the prevention of child sexual abuse, but there are those who feel it will only exacerbate the problem.

In Ontario, New Stop the New Sex-Ed Agenda Party Steps Up to the Plate

In Ontario, the new Stop the New Sex-Ed Agenda Party is running its first candidate in the provincial by-election in Ottawa-Vanier. The candidate—Elizabeth de Viel Castel—is running primarily to spotlight what she sees as deficiencies in a new curriculum that addresses issues of peer pressure, bullying, sexual orientation, and intercourse.

School Board Members in Omaha Targeted for Stance on Sex Ed in Lead-Up to Election

In Nebraska, three Omaha Public Schools board members up for election are being targeted by Nebraskans for Founders’ Values, the group that led the opposition to the district’s health and sex education update. A flier they’ve distributed explains that the trio “voted to teach that abortion is an acceptable form of birth control. Please do not vote for them in November.” The updated health and sex ed curriculum now covers sexual orientation, gender identity, abortion, and other controversial topics.

Kindergartners in Quebec City Will Be Taught via New Sex Ed Program

Kindergarten students at an elementary school near Quebec City will be among the first in the province to be taught sex ed under a new trial program. Among the subjects they’ll cover are the proper names for male and female sexual anatomy, the stages of conception, and the different types of family structures that exist in modern society. Quebec’s Ministry of Education says the children will receive three hours of sex ed between January and April.