Sex Ed in the News

Community Sex Ed Classes Canceled in Maryland

In Southern Maryland, local libraries have canceled a series of sex education classes in response to an outcry from parents in the community. The classes, geared toward teens, were to be taught by Bianca Palmisano, a sex educator from Washington, D.C., and owner of Intimate Health Consulting. Parents, however, were suspicious of Palmisano’s intentions, and put off by her social media presence, in which she describes herself as a “vivacious queer, feminist and dancer.”

More St. Louis School Districts Reconsider Their Use of Thrive’s Sex Ed Programming

Last week, we reported that one school district in St. Louis had opted to stop using sex ed programming from Thrive, an anti-abortion sex ed provider. Since then, additional school districts have followed suit. The controversy over the use of their programming continues.

Australian Colleges Offer Online Consent Training

The Australian National University is offering online consent training to college students in an attempt to eradicate sexual harassment. Some colleges have even made the Consent Matters program compulsory.