Sex Ed in the News

India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Releases New Sex Ed Manual

India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare recently released a resource kit, which is intended for use by 160,000 young people all over India as a means of training them to teach their peers about adolescent health. This is a bold move for India, where sexual health education in schools is banned in six states.

Sexual Health Collective in Edmonton, Canada Provides Training for Teachers

The Sexual Health Educators Collective of Edmonton, Canada, has teamed up with Edmonton Public Schools, the University of Alberta, and other groups in order to deliver training sessions to more than 200 teachers and education students. This in response to concerns parents have raised over the use of abstinence-only education curricula in some schools.

Schools in British Columbia Trying Out Peer-Led Sex Ed

In British Columbia, Edward Milne Community School, Belmont, and Royal Bay are trying out peer-led sex ed. A total of 30 students, who will be known as sexual health ambassadors, will be part of a pilot program for peer-to-peer sexual health education.