Sex Educator of the Week: Kirsten deFur, MPH

What project(s) in Sex Ed are you currently working on? In May 2013, I was certified as a trainer for the middle and high school levels of Our Whole Lives (OWL), a renowned sexuality education program developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ. The OWL program has been integral in… Read more »

Sex Educator of the Week: Keely S. Rees, PhD, MCHES

What project(s) in Sex Ed are you currently working on? Evaluating the impact of Our Whole Lives (OWL) training and facilitation has with our Community/School Health Educator Majors and how it enhances or improves improves their confidence in teaching sexuality education, and how it shapes their future career choices, and how they used the training… Read more »

Sex Ed Conference Reflections from a Religious Educator

 Tuli Patel  By Tuli Patel Director of Religious Education The Unitarian Church in Summit This year there were no picketers, no loud angry voices, no police cars by the dozens. A little disappointing at first, but I was thankful for the lack of fear as I walked to my car in the parking… Read more »