Embedding LARC education in other contraceptive lessons

While today’s lesson plan isn’t focused specifically on LARCs, as the rest of the week has been, the organization of the lesson definitely focuses on the differences between LARCs and other common hormonal contraceptive methods. LARCs stand in a class of their own regarding ease of use and effectiveness – something students benefit from knowing,… Read more »

Psychology and decision making and contraception

On to the third lesson plan about LARCs in Positive Images! This time we’ve moved on from general education about LARCs and the misconceptions associated with them to the contraceptive decision making process. When I teach college level Human Sexuality (generally in a Psychology Department), I teach content like the details of contraception as a… Read more »

On with the LARCs!

Continuing our LARC conversation from Monday, today I’m going to focus on a lesson called, quite cleverly, On A LARC. This lesson plan is also from Positive Images. I like that it builds on Introducing LARCs, dispelling myths, addressing benefits more deeply, and making the idea of a long acting contraceptive more accessible to students…. Read more »

The magic of LARCs

Last weekend I taught a pregnancy options counseling training for nurses at the New York City Health Department – a program called Connecting Adolescents to Comprehensive Health (CATCH). The program generally and the specific nurses and health educators who I met just impressed the pants off of me. The program is entirely data driven –… Read more »