Why I Teach Sex Ed: Simple, I’m Passionate About It

I’m very proud to present Dana, whom I met in undergrad as a peer health educator. An amazing person, and inspirational educator.
Why I Teach Sex Ed
Dana Forrest
Sexuality Educator
Graduate Student, Widener University           
  So, what do I do? Currently, I run a Teen Outreach Program (TOP©) that not only addresses sexuality, but also takes a holistic approach with our teens. I meet with groups of teens once a week to discuss topics such as: relationships, love, communication, abstinence, contraception, what sexuality means to them and many other topics. What I like most about this program is that we encourage students to tap into creative expression. It would not be uncommon to walk into my classroom and see students teaching a lesson using Play-Doh, coloring a picture, or going an entire lesson out of their seats!
            I am finishing my first year as a duel-degree Master of Education in Human Sexuality and Master of Social Work student at Widener University. Each year that I am in this field, I find I fall in love with new passion all the time. First, I was a peer educator for Rutgers University Health Outreach Promotion Education (H.O.P.E.). This was a phenomenal experience, which has lead me to where I am at now, educating youth.
            When I am finished with graduate school, my goal is to become an adjunct professor teaching about this fabulous field of human sexuality. Along with this, I intend to become a sex therapist.
            So I’ve told you what I do, and what I’d like to do, but not why. Well… “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”- Confucius. Math was my favorite subject in school, but I thought that a career based on this would not make me happy. I was reading a magazine one day and realized the article was written by a sex therapist. I did my homework, found out what a sex therapist was, and knew that this was the job for me! I got my first internship as an undergraduate with Pinelands School Based Youth Services.  I shadowed Family Life Education Counselors/Youth Development Workers/Social Workers, helped teach sexual education in health classes, helped run healthy relationship groups, and helped plan and execute Thanksgiving/Christmas charity drives. This was an amazing experience and really cemented my wanting to join this field and help people every day!
            If you want to be a sex educator, I would recommend that you are open to self-reflection. I have changed my views many, many times. Try to look at an argument from all sides, even if you disagree with it!

2 Responses to “Why I Teach Sex Ed: Simple, I’m Passionate About It”

  1. Karen A.

    To teenagers, at least in my experience, their peers have a great influence in their life choices. Driven with a purpose, maybe this young educator can make her own positive mark in the lives of those teenagers she meets.

  2. Jennie Blakney


    Kudos to you! I can only agree with you 100%. Our sexuality is such an integral part of who we are as humans. I love being a part of the journey that people take to explore all aspects self, especially sexuality. Keep up the good work and I hope you love your journey as much as I have loved mine.