What’s coming up new at the CSE?

Retro design over beige background, vector illustration

Retro design over beige background, vector illustration

The CSE has a few new projects in the works, and this morning I’m just too thrilled by all of them to let my excitement go un-noted.

So, in no particular order:

  • A new edition of Unequal Partners!
  • A new edition of Streetwise to Sex-wise!
  • A brand new, never-before-seen manual on sexual orientation!

Let’s take these fantastic soon-to-be-released resources one by one.

Unequal-Partners-coverUnequal Partners was one of my first introductions to CSE materials. The research base of the manual was fascinating to me – I loved how real-world it was. The new edition is going to offer an updated round of lesson plans that take a wider range of unequal relationships into account. I’ve had the honor of looking over some of the newest lesson plans on consent, and they’re fantastic. I’ve seen two that are designed for younger and older teens. They offer pedagogically- and age-appropriate ways of educating about consent. The original manual focused specifically on adult-teen relationships. The new manual will incorporate those lesson plans and then expand on them. Kirsten deFur is editing this exciting new resource, which will be available before the end of 2015!


streetwise coverStreetwise to Sex-wise hasn’t been touched since the last edition was written in late 2001. The lessons are still solid, but bringing in new language around gender identity and sexual orientation, new technology awareness, new population profiles, facilitator trainings, and so much more will bring a real facelift to this old favorite. The cultural perspectives of personal stories, scenarios, and discussion questions are meaningful to participants. Are they able to see themselves, their families, their peers, their schools in the lesson materials? If not, there’s a problem. This updated edition, written by the original author Steve Brown and edited by Karen Rayne, will allow young people to be more deeply connected to the material. It will be released in 2016.


But maybe the most exciting manual yet…and the one that we know the least about…is undoubtably the very exciting new manual to focus exclusively on sexual orientation. I can’t tell you too much about this just yet…but it will include a little bit of something for everyone…it’s being written by three fantastic sexuality educators…and contributions for lesson plans poured in when the call was sent out. This is a manual that should have been put out a long time ago! Now that Terri Clark, Tracie Gilbert, and Karen Rayne are on the ball, it will be ready some time in 2016.

I’m so excited! I hope you are too!