What does yours look like?

I can remember in high school (for me, 2000 – 2004… yes, I know) my German textbooks still had Germany as “West” & “East”. The language didn’t change, but… still…
So, if your “current” edition of “Teaching Safer Sex” looks like this (albeit a sold-out edition):
…You may wish to consider the new, expended 2-volume edition of “Teaching Safer Sex”.
Why this edition? Glad you asked!
This is an expanded third edition of the original work by Peggy Brick and colleagues, which revolutionized safer sex education. If you are old enough to remember learning — or teaching — about the subject in the mid 1980s, you will surely remember an abundance of lectures about “t-cells” and “viral load”.  This is how STI-prevention education was done in the early years of HIV.  Lots and lots of facts about a disease that everyone was just learning about, which really isn’t useful the person that doesn’t even know how to put on a condom.
Peggy went on to translate that information, helping students develop the the actual skills needed to practice safer sex, & take care of their sexual health.  Peggy and her colleagues developed highly engaging, interactive, vibrant lessons and activities that helped people become more comfortable talking about condoms and other aspects of sexual health.
The tradition of excellent programming has continued into this work. A comprehensive work that includes 50 lessons, exploring culture, inclusivity, relationships, sexting, sexual pleasure, and much more in an effort to continue to expand the scope of “sexual safety”.

But don’t let us brag about our own work, others have already done that for us!
“Teaching Safer Sex is a welcome collection of lessons that skillfully combine the fundamentals of safer sex education with the bold inclusion of relevant, timely, nuanced topics not found in existing teaching and learning materials. Thanks for filling the gaps in the conventional wisdom of contemporary, comprehensive safer sex education. We expect nothing less from the trailblazing team at the Center for Family Life Education!”
Maria Bakaroudis, MA, CSE, PhD (c)
International Sexuality Educator &
United Nations Consultant

“The third edition of Teaching Safer Sex hits it out of the park! Or, perhaps better said, it nourishes everyone! Educators hungry for fresh facts and facilitation techniques will find it all here. And learners hungry for creative, energetic activities won’t be disappointed. Teaching Safer Sex reminds us that our most important sexual organ is…the brain!”
Kurt Conklin, MPH, MCHES
Director of Programs
Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS)
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What about the content, you ask? Well, why don’t I share a snapshot of the Table of Contents! The first 14 of 50 lessons are:
Volume 1   

Section 1: Sexual Health: An Overview
1. Defining Sexual Health
2. Sexual Health In Prime Time
3. I Feel Good! Sexual Pleasure…Definitions & Values
4. STI Bingo
5. Don’t Pass It Along!
6. The ABCs Of HPV
7. Safer Sex: The Basics

Section 2: Sexual Behaviors, Sexual Decisions
8. “You’re Out, Baseball!” A Healthier, More Equitable, Satisfying & Safer Model For Sexual Activity
9. Masturbation: A Safe, But Touchy Subject
10. Making Sense Of Abstinence
11. Oral Sex & Abstinence: Examining The Role Of Intimacy In Sexual Decisions
12. Figuring Out Outercourse
13. Securing The Back Door: A Guide To Safer Anal Sex
14. Sex, Drugs, & Healthy Decisions

That’s just a teaser! If you’d like more information, or to order the volumes, please visit: http://www.sexedstore.com/teachingsafersex