“We can’t talk about this?” Why I Teach Sex Ed with Ericka Hart

Ericka Hart

Why I teach Sex Education:
I’ll never forget the time my mother told me the story of watching me play ‘school’ with my teddy bears when I was about 5. She said she watched me instruct them and imitate their voices and put some in time-out for misbehaving. After watching me for some time, she left the room and returned shortly after to find all the teddy bears had been put in corners all around the room. My mother asked me why the teddy bears had been placed in time-out and I said, “They were all in trouble for talking.” Much my of grade school education, I spent in time-out for talking.
In Middle School I had my first health class and the subject of the day was sex. The room was covered in posters relating to health and one large board that discussed remaining abstinent until marriage. Naturally, I was the first to raise my hand and begin asking questions and the teacher told me that she could not answer most of
my questions as neither she nor I could talk about sex. I asked myself, there was something I could not talk about? I understand talking too much, but what is this subject that I cannot talk about? As I got older, my friends became sexually active and had many questions about sex and they were coming to me for the answers. I searched for the answers for them in books and on the internet. By the time I was
in high school, my peers related to me as someone who was more than comfortable talking about sex.
I teach Sex Ed because I want all teenagers and young adults to have access to sex education. I want all people from young ages to know about sex and sexuality. I want all people to know what feels good for them and what does not. I want all young men to know that its ok if they are having sexual thoughts about the other young men in the locker room. I want everyone to not feel ashamed or embarrassed about masturbation. I want teens to feel comfortable talking to their parents about sex and their parents answer their questions willingly. `
I am committed to ending the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infections, undesirable sex lives, and unwanted pregnancies.
This will only happen with someone who is willing to talk about it.