That thing…you know, THAT one!

WordsWe started off the week with two lessons on anatomy, so why not wrap it up with two Changes, Changes, Changes lessons on vocabulary? I love the alphabet game from yesterday, which you might have been able to tell. This lesson continues the word play by focusing in on the ways that we distract from meaning when we use pronouns instead of descriptive language.


Using Correct Sexual Vocabulary

By the end of the session, students will be able to:

  1. Use accurate sexual terminology to identify parts of the male and female reproductive systems.
  2. Describe the processes of menstruation and nocturnal emissions.

This lesson serves both as a review of the reproductive systems for students who have already received some background information on reproductive anatomy as well as a group-building activity in which students practice communicating effectively with each other. It is intended to help the class become aware of the need to use scientific vocabulary and provides students with an opportunity to practice using appropriate terminology so that others do not have to make assumptions about what they are trying to communicate. The motivating element in this lesson involves a guessing-game strategy to emphasize the need to use accurate and specific language when describing the reproductive systems.

I love this activity so much. Here is an example from the lesson:

  1. Tell the students that you are going to read three stories that describe common household tasks. They are to guess what task is described in each story.

Story: First I took two of those and placed them beside each other. Over one of them I spread this and on the other I spread that. I took this one and placed it on top of that one, making sure this and that were facing each other. Then I put it in my lunch bag.

What did I do? (Answer: Made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.)

And another one:

  1. Another word for period is this. (menstruation)
  2. If a girl uses a tampon, it is placed in there. (vagina)

Now, maybe it is the latent English teacher in me, still whispering and whimpering in the background about proper pronoun usage, but this lesson cracked me up. And I want so many people to go through it. So many. And then, maybe, they’ll stop doing that thing that I hate where they don’t missing a word? the things, but other things instead.

If you know what I mean. And I’m sure that you do.