From no to yes

Today I’m wrapping up the conversations around the first section of Volume 2 of Teaching Safer Sex. This awareness of contraception education as needing to include a wider range of both topics (like pleasure!) and audiences (like people with special needs!) is fantastic, critical, life-changing! And this last topic of the section falls right into the trend of addressing a… Read more »

Is anything ever that easy?

Learning your ABCs…it happened so long ago, in such wonderful, family-oriented, sing-songy ways, right? I mean, surely everyone’s early childhood was filled with Sesame-Street-style-goodness? No? Hm. Well, okay then, maybe at this point at least, as adults, literacy comes easily to everyone? Wait, what? That’s not so? Okay, okay, okay, then at least we all… Read more »

When pleasure gets stuck

Continuing my ongoing conversation about Teaching Safer Sex, I want to dive into the first section of volume 2. This section, called “Getting Into a (New) Groove,” and is described this way: “These are not your everyday safer sex lessons! Lessons in this section examine STI prevention through the lens of sensuality, decision-making and inclusivity… Read more »

Look how far we’ve come!

As we continue to dive into Teaching Safer Sex, I want to draw attention to Volume 2, Section 2, which is titled “Socio-Cultural Aspects of Safer Sex.” Because really, what doesn’t have socio-cultural overlays on it? Condoms? Hormonal birth control? Consensual decision making? The implications about the group and cultural statements around these topics are huge…. Read more »

Pizza and pleasure!

One of the fun things at the National Sex Ed Conference last week was the pre-conference workshop that I led on the Sex Ed Network. For those of you unfamiliar (…and the only possible reason for this would be you’re not yet on Bill’s email list…let me know and I’ll rectify that right away!), the… Read more »