Sex Ed in the News

Parents in Victoria, Australia Shocked Over High School’s Push of Abstinence-Focused Sex Ed Parents of students at Officer Secondary College were displeased upon receiving an email promoting abstinence as part of the school’s Respectful Relationships curriculum, a state government initiative aimed at stamping out domestic violence, and which is also designed to challenge gender stereotypes… Read more »

Sex Ed in the News

Public Schools in Millard, Nebraska Stick to Pro-Abstinence Education After topics such as gender identity were added to Omaha Public Schools’ new curriculum, leading to heated debate, Millard Public Schools has reaffirmed its commitment to teaching a pro-abstinence curriculum, a policy that has been in place since 1992. Future curriculum updates will only be approved… Read more »

Crossing that great divide

The last lesson for this week focused on parents and other adults comes from Making Sense of Abstinence. I was pretty sure I had already written about this lesson plan, but I can’t find the blog post, so I guess not! It aims to support youth in beginning (or continuing, I suppose) an intergenerational conversation… Read more »

Once you know you want it, how do you go about getting it?

Yesterday’s post was all about decision making and values clarification about abstinence. Today’s lesson is for young people who want to move forward with abstinence in the immediate future. When someone chooses to remain abstinent, they need to talk with current or potential romantic partners about that decision in a way that offers love, support,… Read more »

Values based instead of abstinence based sexual decision-making

It’s time, today and tomorrow, to dive into supporting students in re-visioning abstinence. The choice to refrain from sexual activity is such an important one! It remains unclear to me why people would restrict this opportunity to people who were willing to do it all the way until they were married. Instead, I think we… Read more »

Check YES or NO

Oh abstinence-only-until-marriage…you disappoint me so much. Seeing this job, this work that I love so much forced into a mold that is so distorting of what is good and meaningful about sexuality makes me sad. Which is why, given that I am here, in Texas, where so many students receive poorly conceived, distorted understandings of… Read more »

From no to yes

Today I’m wrapping up the conversations around the first section of Volume 2 of Teaching Safer Sex. This awareness of contraception education as needing to include a wider range of both topics (like pleasure!) and audiences (like people with special needs!) is fantastic, critical, life-changing! And this last topic of the section falls right into the trend of addressing a… Read more »

Is anything ever that easy?

Learning your ABCs…it happened so long ago, in such wonderful, family-oriented, sing-songy ways, right? I mean, surely everyone’s early childhood was filled with Sesame-Street-style-goodness? No? Hm. Well, okay then, maybe at this point at least, as adults, literacy comes easily to everyone? Wait, what? That’s not so? Okay, okay, okay, then at least we all… Read more »