Still normal, after all these years!

I love working with the Center for Sex Education. In addition to my daily blogs here, I do a variety of other things, including editing the Sex Ed Network, run trainings for sexuality educators, and am co-chair for the 2014 National Sex Ed Conference.
The conference is coming up in a few months (Less than three! Yikes!), and the workshop and keynote line-up this year is fantastic. One of our very own award recipients from this upcoming conference just had a piece published about her in the New York Times, so please pardon me while I divert away from lessons and manuals for a moment to congratulate Robie Harris on a fantastic article about her books.
The Times article, “20 Years After ‘It’s Perfectly Normal,’ What’s Changed?,” is clearly written by a fan who is as excited to bring Harris’ work into her own family conversations and encourages others to do the same. An open approach to conversations around sex and sexuality is something that is understood here, and celebrated. Bad press can come so easily to sexuality educators – I’m excited to see good press coming our way too!The first time I saw Robie’s books it was as an adult – I was already doing sex education and had kids of my own. It was nice to have a set of accessible books to recommend to families for them to read together.

Congratulations, Robie, on the article and on the 20th anniversary of the publication of It’s Perfectly Normal!